Neighborhood Resident Recognized

Master Sergeant Sean Brownlee, a member of the CERV of the Monterey Peninsula Advisory Council and the Marine Corps Reserve, was recently awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for his continued dedication and selfless sacrifice to his community and our nation. Sean speaks several languages, is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, a business owner in Monterey, and a volunteer with CERV and other organizations within our community. In 2013, CERV named Sean Volunteer of the Year. Sean also serves on the Community Emergency Response Team (Monterey CERT) steering committee as the Logistics Chief and is responsible for organizing and overseeing the CERT programs annual inventory–tracking all equipment and working with zone captains for the procurement of additional materials and supplies for Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel’s CERT containers. Additionally, Sean has served as Vice President for the Del Monte Beach Neighborhood association. During his tenure, he increased membership by over 300 percent in less than one year. He also created a website, online social media platforms and created a private network called Nextdoor, featured on the front page of the Monterey Herald in September 2014. He was also featured on KION News Channel 5 46 in January 2016 for raising awareness about local concerns.

Master Sergeant Sean Brownlee’s volunteerism is exemplary. He is ALWAYS willing to help. He seeks (and finds) ways to improve the status quo. ALWAYS respectful of others, he never asks for thanks…just does the job with a smile on his face.

CERV congratulates Sean on his promotion to Master Sergeant and applauds the Armed Forces for recognizing Sean’s service to our community and our country by awarding him the Marine Corps Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal.

A Big Shout Out for Sean.


New Comedic Video Showcasing Monterey

This newly released video showcases the Monterey Bay area, and despite it being a comedic pop song,it features everything the county has to offer. This song and the video were an attempt to capitalize on how photogenic the Central Coast can be, while also paying tribute to the place the singers have lived their entire lives.



Christmas king tide promise to be some of 2015’s highest

King tides Christmas week will be some of the highest seen all year, according to the National Weather Service.

A rare Christmas full moon, the first in 38 years, is playing a role in bringing the water closer to land.

The highest tides will be on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday the tide got to more than 7 feet and on Christmas Eve it could be get even higher.

Meet the Neighbors? There’s an App for That

Here is a great NYT’s piece on how Nextdoor can be used.

“What Nextdoor does better than other social networks like Facebook or Yahoo Groups is fill a void that technology has left in the communities where we live. With so many of us depending on email, cellphones and social networks for interaction, we often neglect to get to know our neighbors. Rather than become a place to share vacation photos or cat videos, Nextdoor is more about utility.”

SportsFest returns to Del Monte Beach this weekend

The Monterey Beach SportsFest is returning to Del Monte Beach this weekend and the second-year event is boasting more competitions and an expanded, environmentally friendly expo.

SportsFest is like a triathlon, but bigger. From stand-up paddleboard races to unique “Ikaika” challenges – where competitors sprint, squat, swim, crunch and push toward the finish – there are enough activities to appeal to many flavors of athlete.

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More Beach Fire News

Monterey Police will stop warning and start citing for illegal campfires on Del Monte Beach.

Monterey Police Chief Dave Hober says police will move away from warning people to citing them for burning fires outside of rings. An illegal campfire citation costs about $50.

Post-Labor Day Beach Cleanup

Ocean advocacy group Save Our Shores is calling for volunteers to support local beach cleanup Tuesday, the morning after Labor Day.

Last year, the holiday attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Monterey Bay. Save Our Shores and volunteers removed nearly 350 pounds of trash from Panther State Beach alone at their 2014 Labor Day Holiday Relief Cleanup.

This year, Save Our Shores will be expanding their effort to include Panther Beach, Cowell/Main Beach, Sunny Cove and Del Monte Beach. According to the August 2015 edition of #SOStrashtalk, the monthly marine debris meter from Save Our Shores, three of the scheduled cleanup site beaches are considered top five hotspot beaches for trash due to their heavy foot traffic, large parties, and/or illegal camping.

Holiday Relief Cleanups are from 9-11 a.m. at multiple sites along Monterey Bay. Individual and small group volunteers are welcome.

Save Our Shores provides supplies, but encourages volunteers to bring reusable buckets, gloves and water. Information: or