Power outage leaves 55,000 in dark

A power outage left more than 55,000 people in Monterey, Seaside and Pacific Grove in the dark on Sunday.

The cause of the outage is under investigation.

Utility crews are working to get electrical service restored, but it’s not known how long repairs will take.


Here are some tips from the CDC about what to do during a power outage:


*To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, use generators, pressure washers, grills, and similar items outdoors only.
*If the power is out longer than two hours, throw away food that has a temperature higher than 40°F.
*Check with local authorities to be sure your water is safe.
*In hot weather, stay cool and drink plenty of fluids to prevent heat-related illness.
*In cold weather, wear layers of clothing, which help to keep in body heat.
*Avoid downed power lines, if a power line falls on a car, you should stay inside the vehicle.

Meet the Neighbors? There’s an App for That

Here is a great NYT’s piece on how Nextdoor can be used.


“What Nextdoor does better than other social networks like Facebook or Yahoo Groups is fill a void that technology has left in the communities where we live. With so many of us depending on email, cellphones and social networks for interaction, we often neglect to get to know our neighbors. Rather than become a place to share vacation photos or cat videos, Nextdoor is more about utility.”

SportsFest returns to Del Monte Beach this weekend

The Monterey Beach SportsFest is returning to Del Monte Beach this weekend and the second-year event is boasting more competitions and an expanded, environmentally friendly expo.

SportsFest is like a triathlon, but bigger. From stand-up paddleboard races to unique “Ikaika” challenges – where competitors sprint, squat, swim, crunch and push toward the finish – there are enough activities to appeal to many flavors of athlete.

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Tassajara Fire Victims Need Your Help

The 1,200-acre Tassajara fire is reportedly only 10 percent contained (Sunday, Sep 20 at 10 a.m.). Authorities have announced a mandatory evacuation for the Parrot Ranch area. Cal Fire says at least 300 homes are in danger and six have been destroyed and one person has already died.

If you have needs, can donate resources (skills, supplies), let us know by signing up on Recovers.org (https://recovers.org/communities) site in the area (Monterey, Seaside, Pacific grove, CSUMB, Marina)


Monterey County Health Officials Issue Air Health Alert

Monterey County health officials have issued an air health alert because of wildfire smoke.

The alert was issued Sunday afternoon and posted on the county health department’s website.

Health officials said because of projected winds the county may be impacted by smoke for several days.


More Beach Fire News

Monterey Police will stop warning and start citing for illegal campfires on Del Monte Beach.

Monterey Police Chief Dave Hober says police will move away from warning people to citing them for burning fires outside of rings. An illegal campfire citation costs about $50.


Post-Labor Day Beach Cleanup

Ocean advocacy group Save Our Shores is calling for volunteers to support local beach cleanup Tuesday, the morning after Labor Day.

Last year, the holiday attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the Monterey Bay. Save Our Shores and volunteers removed nearly 350 pounds of trash from Panther State Beach alone at their 2014 Labor Day Holiday Relief Cleanup.

This year, Save Our Shores will be expanding their effort to include Panther Beach, Cowell/Main Beach, Sunny Cove and Del Monte Beach. According to the August 2015 edition of #SOStrashtalk, the monthly marine debris meter from Save Our Shores, three of the scheduled cleanup site beaches are considered top five hotspot beaches for trash due to their heavy foot traffic, large parties, and/or illegal camping.

Holiday Relief Cleanups are from 9-11 a.m. at multiple sites along Monterey Bay. Individual and small group volunteers are welcome.

Save Our Shores provides supplies, but encourages volunteers to bring reusable buckets, gloves and water. Information: cleanup@saveourshores.org or saveourshores.org/calendar.